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Small Event - Platter

1 x Smoked Beef Brisket
1 x Smoked Pork Neck
6 x Smokey Lamb Shanks

Slider Rolls

Served on Large Platter/s on Site

Approx. Value: $600 or 

$30/pp @ 20 guests

Medium Event - Grazing

4 x Smoked Lamb Shoulders
 4 x Smoked Beef Shins
25 x Smoked Pork Sausages
10 x Smoked Chicken Breasts
Slider Rolls

Food Trailer on Site 

Approx. Value: $1500 or 

$30/pp @ 50 guests


Large Event - Service

4 x Beef Brisket
4 x Smoked Lamb Shoulders
 4kg Smokey Mexican Beef 
50 x Smoked Pork Sausages
50 x Smoked Chicken Marylands
Slider Rolls

Food Trailer on Site 

Approx. Value: $3000 or 

$30/pp @ 100 guests

IMG_2199 2.heic

Customised Event / Corporate Catering

Setup Costs as a guide:

Per head $20-45
- Weekend costs
- Public Holiday costs
- Afterhours costs

$500 trailer transport 

Platters /cutlery / plates /trays etc included

Table and chair hire not included

Package Concepts

Menu Enquiry
My Event is:

This is an enquiry only, booking will be confirmed via email and payment:


Thanks for sending your enquiry, we'll come back to you soon.

Small Party

These intimate events are best enjoyed with close friends.  We will come in and set-up the food platter and get out of your way, or you can even collect the food in food safe packaging that keeps it warm

An example - we supplied a pick-up BBQ platter for a party of 12 for around $300

Medium Event 

You may decide you want the trailer there for service in your own location or because you want the food truck theme, or you may simply want platters provided - we will build the catering model to your preference. 

An example - We provided a flow of food for a long table event with 45 people and service duration was 2hrs. 

Large Event 

The food truck will be onsite for service and you can select from service options including:

- guest collection from the food truck (market style)

- platters served and replenished regularly to ensure food is served at best temperature 

- roving platters (either venue staff or we can assist)

An example - We provided platters for an engagement party, served by the venue's waitstaff directly from the food truck to guests.  This optimised service efficiency and lowered the impact on the venues kitchen staff whom prepared the other courses.

Unique Event 

We'd love to here your concept and see how we can help make it come to life

An example - We catered a wedding reception in the bush where the couple 'cut the brisket' and the food was served on natural style platters, with vegetarian options.

Please join us on social media for updates on our location, or click on "Contact Us" to arrange a visit from our food truck!

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